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Blog Title: Different types of hot water storage tank

Main Que: So are there any different types of storage tank water heaters?

  • Category: Types Of Gas Water Heaters
  • Query By: DEREK DAVIDSON (Reading, PA)
  • Date: 09/02/2013

Answer: The term storage tank water heater means a hot water heating unit that stores hot water which can be used with time. These tanks come in a specific size and they heat water within every few hours. The only con about them is that if you end up using all the hot water, you would have to wait for tank to get filled with water and then heated up. Now, coming to the different types of storage tank water heaters, there are basically two types; one is the traditional normal one and the other is a hybrid. Hybrid water heaters are connection between storage tank and tankless. Hence, unlike traditional storage tank, when the hot water runs out, the tankless part of it would provide hot water until the tank gets filled up again.

  • Replied By: RON VAUGHN (Pueblo, CO)
  • Replied Date: 09/30/2013