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Blog Title: What is included in a professional installation of an air conditioner?

Main Que: What is included in a professional installation of an air conditioner?

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  • Query By: JENNIFER L (San Antonio, TX)
  • Date: 10/24/2016

Answer: Professional installation of air conditioner has many benefits. First of all it ensures the comfort level and the safety of the users. Secondly, it increases the longevity and reduces the operational cost of the unit. At the same time, professional installation also ensures that the manufacturers’ instructions are followed exactly so that the unit can operate smoothly. However, there are certain things included in the professional installation of an air conditioner.First of all, an HVAC contractor should determine the correct size of the air conditioner. This is because a unit that is not correctly sized will not give the adequate amount of cooling. In fact, the sizing of the unit needs to be done before the unit is purchased. Secondly, a professional installer should pay attention to the ductwork. There should not be any leakage in the ductwork because that will cause wastage of energy. While installation all ductwork should be made airtight.Professional installation also involves checking the airflow and the levels of refrigerant in the air conditioning unit. If the airflow is too little, the rooms will not be adequately cooled and as far as the refrigerant level is concerned, adequate levels are necessary for proper functioning of the unit.Thus, professional installation of an air conditioner means a thorough checkup of the unit before it starts operating.

  • Replied By: LAURA G (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Replied Date: 10/25/2016